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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Confederate Astronomy Corps

Dear Mr. Aaron,

I came across your Black Confederates blog while researching more History As Not Written By The Winners. I simply love it. Your new video rocks!

I am among those taught by Northern schoolteachers. Actually, Western schoolteachers; I am a third generation California native. I had to reach middle age before learning that the family story "There's a rumor we had a rebel in the family" referred to my great-grandfather. Various of my rediscovered Tidewater cousins, whose folks stayed down home when my great-grandfather (an oysterman and apparent blockade runner) moved his family to the Eastern Shore of Maryland from the Northern Neck of Virginia, have supplemented my history education admirably.

I noted and clicked through to your "Flaggers" site. I have a great one for you. Miffed that folks around here, in Political Correctness land, would castigate me for showing my pride in my rediscovered heritage with a flag, I brought a Battle Standard with me to Egypt six years ago and tied it to my camera tripod while setting up to photograph a total solar eclipse. It got positive interest, and requests to photograph me with it. Somewhere in Japan, and elsewhere, there are pictures of the Battle Standard in a display I decided to name the Confederate Astronomy Corps.

Since then, I have been the Confederate Astronomy Corps at another total solar eclipse in China. I wore it around my neck after a couple of young Tibetan ladies in Lhasa struck up a conversation with me in English, then looked around carefully and told me softly that it was the Dalai Lama's birthday by the lunar calendar. I had seen very many armed Chinese police, and now understood why. Nobody may have gotten the reference, but I let it speak defiance for the subjugated Tibetan people.

I have displayed the Battle Standard by my telescope at the recent Venus Transit, and the attached photo is a display from my viewing the recent annular solar eclipse in Redding, California. It is a placard clipped to the side windows of my minivan. It honors my great-grandfather, Sgt. John Berkley Sanford, 47th Virginia Infantry, Company D, who saw the aurora borealis after the Battle of Fredericksburg.

This November, the Confederate Astronomy Corps will be present and showing the colors at another total solar eclipse, in Australia. My cousins say that, for a California girl, I certainly am unreconstructed.

Thank you for your websites.

Best regards,

Beth Elliott

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Blogger David O'Keeffe said...

Awesome work sir! I am a Son of a Confederate Veteran and love astronomy. Keep up the great work!

March 9, 2018 at 3:59 AM  

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